Diesel International was founded in 2013 as an editorial media platform made of an international magazine and website dealing with industrial engines and powertrain. In 2021, Diesel International has become Powertrain, with the aim of supporting and promoting the so-called energy transition, and since January 2023 it has been called POWERTRAIN INTERNATIONAL. It belongs to the editorial platform of the publishing house Vado e Torno Edizioni and devotes attention to product news, case studies, market trends, interviews and international exhibitions.

The network of Powertrain International is made by a bi-monthly magazine, a website updated every day with the latest news and trends, by a weekly newsletter addressed to the subscribers and by our social media channels, in order to meet the needs of a broad and diverse international audience. In particular, the magazine – which has reached six issues in 2021 – is distributed to the main international exhibitions, sent to the subscribers of our newsletter and is freely available through the website.

The contents of Powertrain International are tailored for a very special group of readers: OEMs, engine and equipment designers, marketing specialists and press officers, final users, repairers and all the people around industrial engines and powertrain.

In the newsroom

Editor in chief: Fabio Butturi
Editorial staff: Fabrizio Dalle Nogare, Riccardo Schiavo, Stefano Agnellini, Maria Grazia Gargioni
Graphic designer: Marzo Zanusso

Publishing house: Vado e Torno Edizioni
Managing director: Maurizio Cervetto

Communication to readers

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Internet mailbox (Email): info@powertraininternationalweb.com

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