At IFAT, Allison is playing the electric axles card, on which it is investing ideas and resources, starting with sustainable materials. This is also evidenced by the agreement with Niron Magnetics. Allison Transmission’s venture capital arm invests in the development of sustainable non-rare earth permanent magnets for integration in electric vehicle propulsion motors and renewable energy systems.

At IFAT, in Munich, Allison displays eGen Power fully electric axles

The Allison ’s proposal at IFAT starts from eGen Power family of fully electric axles (GO IN-DEPTH ABOUT) replaces the vehicle’s traditional driveline and offers easy installation and integration into existing vehicle chassis. The eGen Power includes fully integrated electric motors, a multi-speed gearbox, oil cooler and pump. The technology is compatible with full battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles and hybrid applications, and enables 100% of motor torque during regenerative braking. The eGen Power 100S electric axle was recently selected by Oshkosh Corporation for North America’s first fully integrated, zero-emission electric refuse truck. The 100S has been successfully integrated into their McNeilusVolterra™ ZSL™ electric refuse truck. Each vehicle will be built with two 100S e-Axles in a tandem configuration.

CNG and fuel cells

Allison is also aware that, at the moment, there is no game changer that can monopolize any market segment. The American company’s attentions are also focused on CNG. Allison fully automatic transmissions are compatible with alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas, biogas and hydrogen, enabling fleets to achieve reduced emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles. For example, Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe München (AWM) recently selected 34 Scania CNG refuse trucks with Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions. Talking about hydrogen, two Allison-equipped vehicles are involved in the EU Interregional HECTOR project, in which seven European regions are testing fuel cell-powered RCVs. Aberdeen’s new hydrogen-powered Mercedes-Benz Econic RCV uses an Allison 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmission coupled to a 250 kW Hyzon electric motor. In Herten, Germany, the HECTOR project fitted a DAF CF340 skip loader with an Allison 3200 fully automatic transmission powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. 

Allison IFAT


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