Here’s quite an interesting application of the Liebherr MCG (Mobile Communication Gateway), which was employed for the innovative platform HARRI developed by the engineering partner Bertrandt.


Step by step, let us explain everything in detail. HARRI is a technology carrier for the megatrends like digitization, connectivity, autonomous driving and electro-mobility. It incorporates technologies for high user experience, user-friendly interfaces, Car2X communication and efficient data processing.

Liebherr MCG
The MCG is HARRI’s central communication interface

The IoT gateway Liebherr MCG

The Mobile Communication Gateway (MCG) developed by Liebherr Components is an IoT gateway that connects the data sources in the vehicle, reads the information via CAN and Ethernet interfaces and pre-processes them. In this way, it ensures the data optimization before the transfer into the cloud. The MCG is referred to as CDC (Connectivity Domain Controller) in HARRI’s vehicle architecture. Bertrandt used Docker containers to display the application layers on the CDC. Such a structure helped to ensure the security aspects and to implement software updates over-the-air (FOTA).

Liebherr MCG
Antenna diversity ensures better connection quality and better availability

Comments from Bertrand and Liebherr

«We opted for the MCG, since the gateway is highly robust and offers extensive scope for development. There are not many suppliers, who offer such a robust system», said Wolfgang Darge, Project Manager at Bertrandt.


«As the gateway also fulfils the requirements of protection class IP5K2, it is ideal for the very demanding operating conditions of mobile machines – temperatures up to 70°C, dust and vibration», explained Martin Lorenzen, Project Manager at Liebherr-Elektronik in Lindau.

The telematics units receive the final touch at the in-house Liebherr Components Test Center, also in Lindau, where they are extensively tested.


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