MAN Engines has chosen hydrogen ICE as a real solution for decarbonization, and the latest upgrade about D38 also proves this. The 15.2-liter engine block was awarded at the 2016 bauma Munich Diesel of the year. We are now receiving news that MAN  is about to develop small truck series powered by with hydrogen D38 engine by 2025.

MAN hTGX are driven by hydrogen D38 engine

 The so-called hTGX will be initially produced in about 200 units for special applications and distributed in selected customers in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland and some more non-European countries. The MAN hTGX is conceived to be an alternative zero-emission drive variant for special applications. In fact, the hydrogen drive is particularly suitable for special transport tasks that require a special axle configuration or where there is no space for the battery on the frame due to the need for truck body work. Among the Nuremberg Lion’s hydrogen applications, we told you about H4576, unveiled at Agritechnica. Again, the acronym hides the soul of the D3876, DOTY 2016, adapted to use hydrogen instead of fossil fuel. This shares about 80% of its basic components such as the crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rods as well as the cooling and oil circuits including pumps, oil pan and filter with the new hydrogen engine. The application is the snow groomer PistenBully 800 from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug.

H2 also for CHP uses

MAN Engines’ strengths are definitely the synergies with MAN Truck&Bus and the differentiation of purposes. Talking about the variety of applications, MAN Engines also tested hydrogen combined power and heat production. Indeed, hydrogen would enable the repowering of cogeneration plants, with the virtuous conversion of existing technology, Diesel or CNG. The hydrogen engine on the test bench is an eight-cylinder MAN H3268 V-engine with a bore of 132 mm and a stroke of 157 mm. As a stationary engine for combined heat and power generation, it is the first test bench variant to be operated at a constant speed of 1,500 rpm at 50 Hz, which is primarily intended for Eurasian target markets. 

And for Dual Fuel marine applications as well

Dating back two years is the deployment of two MAN D2862 LE448 prepared for dual fuel operation and supplemented with a hydrogen injection system by development partner CMB.Tech. Pure diesel operation can continue without interruption if the hydrogen supply is exhausted, for instance. Availability, driving comfort and operational safety are thus always guaranteed at the high level that a traditional diesel engine is known for.

MAN TGX moves to hydrogen

MAN D38 hydrogen
The eTGX truck powered by MAN D38 hydrogen ICE

The MAN hTGX offers high payloads and maximum ranges of up to 600 km in its initially offered 6×2 and 6×4 axle variants. The H45 hydrogen combustion engine used has an output of 383 kW or 520 hp and a torque of 2500 Nm at 900-1300 rpm. The direct injection of hydrogen into the engine ensures particularly fast power delivery. With hydrogen compressed to 700 bar (CG H2) and a tank capacity of 56 kg, the vehicle can be refuelled in less than 15 minutes.


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