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ConExpo: Cummins and Accelera Zero on sustainability

At ConExpo-Con/Agg, Cummins reaffirmed the company’s commitment to reach net-zero emissions from its products and business by 2050. This will be achieved by focusing on advancing internal combustion engine technology and building the broadest combination of zero-emissions technologies, including bat...

Kubota’s engines power innovation at ConExpo

Kubota’s drive towards a carbon-neutral future, shown at ConExpo as well, encompasses a range of recently-launched, ground breaking engines including new hybrid and hydrogen models along with the expanding use of more low carbon alternative fuels.

Yanmar: new power range at ConExpo

Exhibiting together with Yanmar Group companies Eleo and HiPower Systems, Yanmar will introduce equipment from its new power range and share the company’s vision for a zero emission, resource recycling future at ConExpo 2023



POWERTRAIN (formerly DIESEL INTERNATIONAL) changes its name: from January it will be called POWERTRAIN INTERNATIONAL, following the change of name of our Italian magazine DIESEL, which will become POWERTRAIN. This does not mean deleting the word diesel from our agenda and from our priorities, but it...


John Deere 5G. The family grows, but Fpt remains

John Deere 5G, 5100 GL, and Fpt Lately, John Deere has expanded its portfolio of collaborations in the field of agriculture and “green trends“. However, it has also strengthened its range of specialized tractors with some significant upgrades. The absolute novelty of the new 5100 GL mode...

Patrini, since 1965 against vibrations

Vibrations? Patrini has the answer Patrini, antivibration since 1965 in the sign of customization, digitization and Made in Italy. Wherever there are moving parts and vibrations and distortions can occur. Wherever and however it happens, Patrini has the resources and the know how to tame the onset o...

John Deere: from commercial greenhouses to garden roofs

John Deere and the latest green trends Canada, together with the Netherlands, is leading the way in the use of commercial greenhouses. These represent a great potential resource for the future of agriculture, in order to route it on a more sustainable path. Recently, Van der Burg of Berkel en Roderi...
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