Hannover, a Faster concept is under the spot

A Faster concept at AgritechnicaFaster has placed the concept we talked about in a recent post, which anticipated the presentation at Agritechnica, in the front row. For the moment it is an idea, a conceptual work in progress on which they are working. An exhibition like Agritechnica is the ideal audience to get initial feedback from end users. To quote a slogan: “testing a new experience of connection”.


This type of product usually works in a mechanical way, through the hands, pushing or pulling, sometimes with the help of a lever. In this case there is the electronic part, with a software that facilitates the connection / disconnection, reducing the physical effort of the operator. Two versions are available. One has an electric motor, which allows you to press a button to operate some components inside the casting. The part of the connection effort is then operated by an electric motor. The second version has a sensor on the function, which reads the signal present on the tube with another sensor. The sensor identifies which line to connect by flashing an electrode. At that point the operator simply has to approach the tap and complete the operation.

Faster concept
The Faster concept under the spotlight.

What about the price of the Faster concept?

The price factor could be the only factor that prevents diffusion. However, the ergonomic benefits must be considered, as well as in terms of saving time.Compared to the prototype, there may be developments in sensor technology. It is part of Faster’s E-Volved project, which explores ways to integrate different technology into Faster products. The stand showed the synergy with Sun Hydraulics, they exhibited a multi-connection for combine harvesters, inside the fixed part there is a hydraulic circuit with integrated Sun valves.

Faster and Politecnico di Milano

Faster’s attention to research and development and technological updating is also demonstrated by its academic collaborations. An example of this is the collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, the Italian educational excellence. Quoting the Faster website: «Just like we did last year, over the last 6 months we had students from the Italian university Politecnico di Milano working here with us in Faster to develop specific projects aimed to improve our company. This year we had two groups of students: one working in our R&D Department and one in our Production area. The R&D group, under the guidance of our PMO Tommaso Calvi, completed their work at the beginning of March, whereas the Production’s team just started their project under the supervision of Federica D’Adda (Workshop Logistics and Raw Material Supervisor). We would like to thank all the students who took part in these projects: Andrea Davide, Marco Giommaroni, Martina Biacchi and Enea Pietra. Special thanks to Professor Alberto Portioli Staudacher and Matteo Rossini, who coordinated the two projects. Davide and Giommaroni’s project was about the Introduction of Finite Capacity scheduling for workload in our R&D Department and continuous improvement. Whereas Biacchi and Pietra’s work is focusing on cost reduction and optimization of raw material flow towards treatment suppliers».


Faster concept
Sun Hydraulics is a sister company of Faster. At Agritechnica they share products and booth.



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