AGM (Absorbent Glass Material) auxiliary batteries for start&stop systems have been part of the Italian company’s product range for quite a long time. In particular, since 2010, Fiamm has produced eight million units at the Chinese facility in Wuhan as well as in Italy, in the city of Avezzano. Fiamm is now complementing the range of auxiliary batteries for the spare part market by introducing a 10Ah version (the VR170) the range in addition to the 12Ah battery (already known as VR200) this year.

AGM auxiliary batteries
Ecoforce AGM VR 170

AGM auxiliary batteries, explained

Let’s read how the company defines the technology called AGM: «By using a special, very fine separator (Absorbent Glass Material) seeped in a controlled amount of electrolyte, the oxygen released from the positive plate due to the dissociation of water during recharging can migrate to the negative plate where it is fixed to then recombine with hydrogen and form water again. In principle, this establishes a closed electrochemical cycle without gas emissions outside and without consuming water».

Unique features for OEMs

Although similar in appearance to a battery for motorcycle applications of the same size, the batteries developed specifically for OEMs have unique features such as, for example, box and lid made of polyethylene and polypropylene polymers using proprietary moulds; use of CoS technology (lead alloy automatically cast over the plates designed to hold them together to form the so-called plate assembly) for welding; high-strength interlayer welding; heat-sealed (not glued) lid; specific lead terminals with threaded insert; designed to withstand very many start&stop cycles.

AGM auxiliary batteries


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