The BMZ Group, a global specialist for lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery systems, is presenting its latest iteration of the Power4Home home storage system at ees Europe (June 19–21, 2024, Munich). As an innovative power supply system for the home, Power4Home sets new standards and offers maximum flexibility. Power4Home can be wall- or floor-mounted indoors as well as outdoors. Thanks to its slim profile of 164 mm, it can be integrated into any living space in just 15 minutes. The home storage system is now available with capacities of up to 26.7 kWh. Four systems operated in parallel can even store 106.8 kWh. The lithium iron phosphate cell technology and a 2-channel safety architecture guarantee safe and reliable operation at temperatures from -20 °C to 50 °C. The Power2Grid hybrid inverter and the Power2Car wallbox from BMZ further expand the benefits of Power4Home. 

With Power2Grid, BMZ is presenting a hybrid inverter through which suitable photovoltaic modules can optimally charge the Power4Home home storage system. The result: a mostly self-sufficient power supply for your own property over many months. Two MPPT regulators make Power2Grid exceptionally flexible in terms of its configuration and installation and allow the hybrid inverter to operate in a wide voltage range. And thanks to the IP65 rating, the lightweight and compact device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Power2Grid is also a perfect fit for Power2Car, the wallbox from BMZ, so that the surplus from the PV system can be used to charge the battery of an electric vehicle. 

The BMZ Group also presents industrial solutions at ees Europe

In addition to Power4Home, Power2Grid, and Power2Car, BMZ will be presenting a number of other innovative solutions from its product range. Power2Raxx is a lithium-ion storage system for industrial and commercial applications that stores electricity when demand is low and supplies it again when the load is high. In such demand-side response (DSR) applications, Power2Raxx counteracts grid instability and supports grid equalization. Typical uses include industrial applications as well as those in the production sector, i.e., breweries, the metal and plastics processing industry, freight forwarders, car dealerships, retail, craft businesses, and retail chains. The capacity of Power2Raxx can be increased from 16.8 kWh to 50.4 kWh, with the number of storage cabinets scalable to any desired level.

The Hyperion from BMZ, on the other hand, is a new-generation lithium-ion high-voltage storage system that can be expanded on a modular basis. Possible configurations range from three (7.5 kWh) to six modules (15 kWh). Hyperion is safe, rugged and – with the relevant inverters – capable of providing emergency power. 

The two portable power stations Power2Go Work and Power2Go Life will also be on display at BMZ’s indoor stand. BMZ has designed Power2Go Work with a capacity of 2.5 kWh, e.g., for use in the construction industry, trade, event industry, and for all those who need a flexible and independent power source, while Power2Go Life is the perfect, compact companion for on the go, such as camping expeditions. 

Power Bloxx container storage system and Microlino city car

The BMZ Group also has a few surprises up its sleeve for visitors to the outdoor stand at ees. Power Bloxx from BMZ is a large, AC-coupled energy storage system in an air-conditioned container for outdoor operation. A single module of the plug-and-play container solution, which is tailored to the needs of trade and industry, weighs just 22 kg and can be put into operation by a single person. The capacity ranges from 68–408 kWh and the output from 50–300 kW. Energy storage gets even more mobile, as it were, with the innovative, all-electric Microlino city car.

Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Turin, this electric car is just 252 cm long, can carry two people, and has a trunk capacity of 230 liters. The heart of the Microlino, the traction battery, was developed and produced by the BMZ Group. This lithium-ion battery (NMC/NCA), which is available in three variants with 5.5 kWh, 10.5 kWh, and 15 kWh, gives the Microlino ranges of 93, 177, and 228 km respectively. The Microlino can be charged like a smartphone – in just four hours using a standard household socket. At the ees outdoor exhibition area, BMZ will simply charge the Microlino with the mobile Power2Go storage system.


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