At Agritechnica, which was concluded on 18 November, Bosch Rexroth presented innovations in the fields of mobile hydraulics, digitalization, automation and electrification.

Rexroth and Agritechnica 2023? Let’s start with AgDrive

In the field of hydraulics, we mention the complete AgDrive solution for the traction of self-propelled agricultural machinery, the SB24/SB34 sandwich spool valves with advanced functions, and new additions to the electronic open circuit (eOC) axial piston pump range. In the automation area, a radar-based collision warning system will improve safety in the field, on construction sites and on roads. The eLion modular electrification platform is now complemented by compact engines. The BODAS Connect telematics portfolio has new entry-level hardware. To encourage digital collaboration in the development of mobile machines, Bosch Rexroth is launching a new offering with the myBodas platform. For even more efficient hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth is expanding its eOC (electronic open circuit) platform with the new A10VO 60 series medium-pressure axial piston pump with high power density. Thanks to a 50% reduction in pressure pulsations, noise emissions and space requirements have again been reduced, while the revised rotating assembly improves efficiency. Thanks to a new 5-position spool, the SB24 and SB34 sandwich valves offer manufacturers of tractors and other agricultural machinery more functions in the same space. A practical application of the fifth position is the Hitch Lowering Support (HLS), which allows equipment to be lowered quickly and safely without installing additional valve modules.

Automation and electrification

Bosch Rexroth presented a modular solution at Agritechnica that improves the safety of off-highway vehicles and reduces development work. The system helps prevent accidents, especially when travelling at high speeds. Thanks to well-defined interfaces, the solution is compatible with all drive systems and meets the functional safety requirements of ISO 21815. Bosch Rexroth adds the Emp series of precisely controllable motors with improved power density to the modular eLion electrification platform. With high torques in the lower speed range, the new series has everything needed for particularly compact, high-performance machines. With the new Rcu Lite connectivity unit, Bosch Rexroth offers manufacturers an affordable introduction to customised telematics for off-road vehicles.

Rexroth 2023


With the enhanced myBODAS design platform, Bosch Rexroth provides a digital workspace that enables easier and faster software development thanks to numerous shared media and functionalities. In addition, registered members can download free BODAS application software validated by the three product lines ASrun, ASopen and ASlib as part of the ‘Try it First approach’. They can then test and modify the software according to their own needs. Licence fees only apply for use in series production. Also new are the compact EDH directional valves, which increase the efficiency and power of mobile machines, and the EDG-OBE control module for precise control of mobile machines. With integrated on-board electronics, Bosch Rexroth improves the efficiency of the hydraulic system.


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