Comer Industries invests in electric technology, goes on with its M&A policy and strengthens its ties with the territory, acquiring two companies in the province of Reggio Emilia (Italy).

Comer Industries, Benevelli and SITEM play together an exciting electric game

Founded in 1962 by Emidio Benevelli in Rubiera (RE), Benevelli Electric Powertrain Solutions has 60 years of history in the mechanical engineering industry. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of axles and electric drive wheels that offer high efficiency and power density, aimed at providing technologically advanced, compact, lightweight and high-performance solutions.

Headquarter in Castelnovo di Sotto (RE), Sitem Motori Elettrici specializes in the development of electric motors with innovative technologies in rotary or linear configuration (IPM synchronous motors, axial-flow motors, torque motors and ironless motors) as well as more traditional technologies such as SPM synchronous motors, reluctance motors, and traction-oriented asynchronous motors.

For Comer Industries, the acquisition has a twofold objective: to grow in a booming market by enriching the range of products offered through investments in advanced technologies constantly evolving and to preserve the value of Italian excellence in the mechanical sector. The transaction comes exactly one year after the signing of the agreement to acquire 100% of Walterscheid confirming a goal of constant and strategic developmental growth not only globally but also territorially.

comer electric
Benevelli at EIMA International 2022

Vision and sense of belonging in the words of the CEO

I am proud to announce this operation that involves two excellences in a market booming electric vehicle market,” says Matteo Storchi, President and CEO of Comer Industries. “The acquisition comes exactly one year from that of Walterscheid and confirms once again the concreteness of our future vision which aims at constant and sustainable growth, not only globally but also territorially“.
Entering the market for electric vehicle engines and transmissions means offering a complete range of products and technologies that are constantly evolving. of products and technologies in continuous evolution,” Storchi goes on. “The operation once again reflects our approach of ‘unconventional makers’ thinking of the future
by taking concrete action to play a key role in change


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