Cummins makes sense of the words 4.0 and IoT, improving telematics service. The connected engine solutions of the American power solutions provider are now integrated with key telematic service providers; Topcon, Trimble, Saucon and TelliQ.

Cummins and telematics service. Harsin said

Jeremy Harsin, Cummins Off-Highway Business Director said, “Telematics has emerged as a key enabler to improve operational efficiency of machines at construction sites, ports, distribution centers and farms. With the majority of these environments having mixed fleets, managers need a solution that is compatible across their machinery.  At Cummins, we are working to integrate our digital capabilities with industry leaders to support our customer needs in a flexible manner, adding value into the systems customers are already using.  When combined with well thought out aftermarket practices, digital connectivity has a real ability to positively impact the customer experience.


According to the company, among Cummins Connected Solutions are two key telematics offerings for off-highway machines; Connected Diagnostics and Connected Software Updateswhich both improve operating performance, boost asset utilization and uptime, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Connected Diagnostics – wirelessly connects engines to enable continuous monitoring and diagnosis of system faults.  Site managers can make informed decisions on whether to stop machine operation or continue to the end of the shift by understanding the suggested root causes.  They can gain an understanding in how long they have before an issue is likely to escalate to a breakdown or critical failure.  This means that uptime can be maximized, with any potential fixes done more quickly.  With the information provided in Connected Diagnostics, the correct parts, tools, and technician can be made available to resolve issues in an efficient manner.

Cummins telematics service

Connected Software Updates

Connected Software Updates –ensures Cummins-powered assets run at peak performance with over-the-air engine control module software updates. Product enhancements can be sent to connected equipment powered by capable Cummins Performance Series engines from anywhere, using integrated telematics systems and over-the-air connectivity services in lieu of onsite technician visits, eliminating shop and service visits typically associated with this task.  ECMs can be calibrated while the equipment is on site, using as little as 5 minutes of stationary downtime.

OEMs’ support

Cummins supplies engines to a wide range of industrial equipment manufacturers.  A number of these are developing their own telematics capability and Cummins digital applications can integrate with their systems through the machine network too. The benefit is having all the machine information, including the engine, in one place via a single interface. For OEMs that don’t have a system of their own, they can select one of the telematics service providers that Cummins is working with to connect with to gain easy access to all the J1939 public data to manage the engines in their machines.

Cummins is working to integrate our digital products with an ever-increasing number of telematics providers operating across the globe, expanding our ability to provide customers with the world’s best ownership experience wherever and however they work,” concluded Harsin.


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