Delta-Q Technologies, a leading provider of battery charging solutions, announced the release of the RQ700: the latest product is an expansion to the company’s RQ Series of chargers designed to meet the requirements of light electric vehicles (LEVs), outdoor power equipment and industrial pallet trucks.

We designed the RQ700 to meet the evolving requirements of our OEM customers’ applications and growing production volumes,” said Lloyd Gomm, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Delta-Q Technologies. “The RQ700’s simplicity, compact size and ease of on-board integration is a game-changer for high-volume OEMs seeking a cost-effective charging solution.”

Delta-Q ’s RQ Series includes the RQ350 and now the RQ700With a 700 W power output, the new RQ700 is available in 24, 36 and 48 VDC options. It offers exceptional power density compared to other chargers on the market, optimizing installation in environments with space constraints. The charger also features a 12 VDC, 400 milliamp (mA) auxiliary power supply to operate system components. For example, after a battery management system (BMS) enters sleep mode, the charger can wake up the BMS and power telematics and other components to ensure the battery is operational even after powering down. This feature enables flexibility, safety, and seamless integration with lithium batteries.

The RQ700 has a user-friendly design complete with installation cables that are tested and validated by the company’s engineering team to ensure they meet industry and customer requirements for cables and connectors. This bundle eliminates the extra time, expense and effort for customers to procure their own cables, adding convenience for high-volume applications.

The new solution embodies all core features of the RQ Series of battery chargers. The RQ700 is designed to withstand automotive shock and vibration and is fully sealed, with an IP67 rating to protect against water and dust ingress. The on-board microprocessor delivers precise charging even at a low state of charge and supports Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) – the ability to use standardized services and diagnostic tools. The charger comes with three built-in LEDs to indicate charging status, errors, and faults and a push button to select charge algorithms in the field or on customers’ production lines.


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