Duplomatic MS, a company within the Daikin Group, is pleased to announce a significant development in Germany: Günther Till, a well-known German cylinder manufacturer and already a part of Duplomatic MS since December 2021, has successfully signed an agreement to transfer the assets of Philipp Acon Hydraulik, a branch of Philipp Gruppe. 

Specialized in the production of hydraulic cylinders for mobile applications, Philipp Acon Hydraulik is based in Dardesheim, Northern Germany, and has 18 employees. The transfer of assets will be effective from March 1st, 2024. 

The expertise of Günther and Philipp Acon Hydraulik in cylinder manufacturing seamlessly integrates with Duplomatic MS’s mission to design and produce hydraulic and electromechanical solutions for motion control in various sectors. 

The resources, personnel, and equipment of Philipp Acon Hydraulik in Dardesheim will be integrated into Till Hydraulik’s headquarters located in Helmstedt, just a few kilometres away. This transition ensures continuity in the cylinder production, design and installation services provided by Acon, core competencies that Duplomatic MS Spa and Günther Till are committed to maintain. 

Till Hydraulik, with over 60 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, valves, and controls, has an annual turnover of over 30 million euros. The integration into the Duplomatic Group and affiliation with the Japanese Daikin Group ensure stability and innovative capacity for Till. 

We are confident that this change will lead to positive developments for all parties involved in the long term. This acquisition will have a positive impact on the overall efficiency and capabilities of the organizations involved,” says Thorsten Philipp, Managing Director of Philipp Gruppe.

Commenting on the entry of Acon into the Duplomatic family, Roberto Maddalon, CEO of Duplomatic MS and of Günther Till, states, “Till Hydraulik and now Acon are a perfectly synergic addition to Duplomatic, Hydreco and other group brands. Till Hydraulik and Acon’s guarantee a wide offer of products and services to European customers. We reinforced the cooperation with our partner Philipp Gruppe, as well as the ability to supply standard and customized solutions for hydraulic applications.”


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