News from Forsee Power, which chose the UITP Summit in Barcelona to market and unveil its new flexible and environmentally friendly battery system for heavy-duty vehicles to industry players. Its name? Flex Plus.

This new battery pack complements the Plus format product family, which already includes Zen Plus, a range of high-energy battery systems launched in 2022.

Discovering Flex Plus

The new system signed Forsee Power combines power and energy for charging batteries, heavy-duty hybrid thermal and fuel cell vehicles. Flex Plus is available in two options, 52 kWh and 56 kWh, with the ability to adjust voltage and energy to suit the needs of the application. It can support both 650V and 800V motoring within the same battery format.

Flex Plus can be charged and discharged with a continuous current of 160A at 2C and are suitable for peak charge and discharge of 400A at 5C.

Forsee Power has designed Flex Plus for 8,000 charging cycles

Forsee Power chose NMC lithium-ion cells that, combined with high-performance liquid thermal management, offer an 8,000 cycle life to the new Flex Plus, enabling a truly competitive total cost of ownership (TCO). At the end of their first life, Flex Plus batteries can thus be used in stationary energy storage systems for many years to come.

These new packs not only provide a very competitive lifetime, but are also designed for easy repairability. The power distribution unit is removable to facilitate maintenance and optimize vehicle availability.


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