Gates, a world leader in the supply of application-specific hydraulic and power transmission solutions, has added OE quality belt-driven water pumps to its specific range of truck and bus parts. HGV water pumps joined the Gates FleetRunner range starting January 26, 2022. For the first time, bus and transport companies will be able to carry out a complete overhaul of the belt drive system accessory parts using components for heavy vehicles (water pump, radiator hoses, belt, tensioner and idler) covered by the Gates warranty.

Gates, water pumps in the wake of predictive maintenance

Water pumps are among the fundamental components driven by the transmission belt. As a leader in the design of heavy-duty drivetrain systems for major truck and bus manufacturers, Gates has a strong OE pedigree. Thanks to its long experience and established position in the supply of heavy duty water pumps in markets such as the US and Canada, Gates is particularly appreciated by fleet maintenance workers for the quality of the components for transmission systems fitted to their fleets. The water pumps for heavy vehicles from the FleetRunner range are the ideal solution for any preventive maintenance strategy.

Each Gates water pump is made with premium quality materials. A computerized process in which assembly lines are subject to strict quality controls ensures that all water pumps meet or exceed OE quality standards and comply with various international standards (such as ISO / TS 16949). A perfectly balanced impeller ensures adaptability and OE functionality. Finally, all units undergo a rigorous leak testing program that tests all seals and bearings, as well as individual housings.

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Tutto ciò è stato possibile grazie alla nostra esperienza nello sviluppo di sistemi di trasmissione OE, a cui si aggiungono la competenza nella produzione di pompe dell’acqua e la vasta conoscenza dei mercati dei sistemi di trasmissione per mezzi pesanti”, ha commentato Bert De Lange, responsabile dello sviluppo commerciale della divisione per la vendita e la commercializzazione di ricambi per mezzi pesanti di Gates Europe.


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