GSI, the Italian acronym of Geminiani Sistemi Integrati (Geminiani Integrated Systems), has the mission to provide consultancy on complex systems – diesel, hybrid and electric – for OEMs, gensets, UPS, battery storage of all types, in industrial, agricultural and civil sectors. 

GSI is the natural evolution (and integration) of Geminiani

Geminiani has been awarded throughout his career as the best delaer of Perkins engines. In Lugo, Romagna, in the town that gave its symbol to the Ferrari team, they have not denied their vocation for internal combustion engines, but in recent years have turned to electrification solutions, either partial (Hybrid systems) or total (BEV). We saw some examples in the marine sector at last year’s Venice Boat Show. Geminiani is very active in the hybridisation of agricultural machinery, working as a solution provider, which is the real goal of Geminiani 2.0.

An industrial specialist. In every sense of the word…

With the creation of GSI Geminiani broadens its natural habitat (that of industrial, mobile, stationary and marine applications) to provide consulting services wherever it is needed, including in factories. GSI is active in the development of software and applications for information systems, automation plants, components, electronic and digital devices in general, industrial machinery, equipment and plants for the operation of production activities. It also deals with the design, research, development, prototyping, testing, certification and maintenance of software for electric and hybrid motors, applications for robots and exoskeletons connected to the operator, intelligent and collaborative systems for the management of production and industrial plants, with the associated development of the necessary software and controls.

GSI is also involved in the energy business

With regard to the last of these, GSI is active in the processes of digitization, maintenance and diagnosis, looking at aspects of interconnection with logistics systems, aspects of digital security and training courses. In the energy sector, GSI develops programmes and applications for electronic and digital control units, systems and equipment for the production, storage and management of energy from the grid and renewable sources, as well as for the optimisation of energy consumption.


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