At CES 2024, one of the world’s largest and most powerful tech events, Magna was off to an electrifying start with the global unveiling of its next generation 800V eDrive solution that sets new standards in efficiency, power-to-weight ratio and torque density. 

Magna’s next generation eDrive is a drop-in solution that incorporates several advanced technologies, resulting in significant reductions in weight and size, enhanced performance, extended driving range and sustainability. It offers enhanced flexibility due to its lightweight (75 kg) design and 20% reduction in height from Magna’s prior generation eDrive.

A key technology and a supplier industry-first advancement is the ability to rotate the eDrive 90 degrees around the drive axis, which allows improved system integration in the front and rear vehicle space. The system also achieves up to 93% efficiency in real-world driving (including WLTC and highway), which significantly improves efficiency across a wide range of vehicle speeds, making it more versatile.

We are steadfast in our commitment to creating exceptional driving experiences while supporting a sustainable future,” said Diba Ilunga, President of Powertrain at Magna. “Our next generation eDrive is a true embodiment of this pledge, showcasing unparalleled sustainability in both its product design and production methodology. Through seamless integration of our systems, we have successfully reduced our reliance on aluminum and heavy rare earth materials, resulting in a significant reduction of CO emissions during production by approximately 20% compared to previous generation eDrives. This exceptional achievement serves as a tangible testament to our dedication to sustainable innovation, as we forge ahead towards a brighter, greener future.”Offering versatility to its customers, Magna’s next generation eDrive can be applied as a primary or complementary secondary drive solution with an optional eDecoupling unit for vehicles in the C, D, and E segments. It delivers a peak power of 250 kW and a peak axle torque of 5,000 Nm.


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