Ogab is a UK based R&D company working across the transport sector, and also in renewable energy. Based in Somerset, in the South West of England, Ogab was launched publicly in August 2020 after being initially founded in 2015.

Acting on brakes and aerodynamics

In recent months, Ogab has been able to present some remarkable ideas to the market. «We’re quite a small core team located in the UK, with a number of engineers and support staff located abroad», told us Project Manager Edward Richards-Bond. «In the transport sector, we focus on improving performance, efficiency and safety whilst always maintaining the that our sustainable technologies carry benefits for the environment». One of these is the patented Sustainable Braking system.

Interview with Edward Richards-Bond, Ogab project manager

What’s the Sustainable Braking system?

«It is a technology that offers maximum braking performance and efficiency. It can work for commercial vehicles, trains, motorsport, airplanes and so on, as the concept can be extended to nearly all the vehicles which have a single disc braking system. What we look to enclose the brake caliper and use a suction device to remove any brake wear inside of this. Inside the enclosure, active cooling also takes place, direct to the surface of the discs. This not only prevents overheating and degradation, but also enables a number of other things. For instance, because you’re controlling the thermal environment within the brake assembly, you’re removing the issue of heat escalation. It also removes several things in the design process, for example the need for brake ducts, allowing a more streamlined design that can have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the vehicle as well as aerodynamic performance. It can even give the potential of covering the wheels».



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