Parker exhibited full engine filtration portfolio at Bauma including Racor, Baldwin and Fuel Manager products

The Engine & Mobile Filtration division of Parker showcased products from its Racor, Baldwin and Fuel Manager ranges at Bauma. Vehicles serving the construction, building materials and mining industries work in challenging conditions and effective engine filtration is key to maintaining their efficient operation.

Parker fuel, oil and air filters are designed for long life with sustained peak performance to protect engines and keep them running longer and cleaner. This enables vehicles to operate efficiently and reliably for longer.

Parker also showcased the Generation 5 Fuel Manager fuel filters/water separators. These high quality filtration products can be supplied for light commercial vehicles, as well as for applications on agricultural, industrial and construction equipment, as well as generators.

New silicone hoses for thermal management applications in extreme environments

Parker introduced a new silicone hose series for use in thermal management applications. The 6722 X-Treme series of extruded silicone hoses meets the SAE J20 R3 Class A specification and can be installed not only as thermal management solutions, but also on truck, bus, engine, or other applications where there is a requirement for a high efficiency cooling / heating circuit.

parker new hose

Thermal management relates to the different processes of heat transfer (conduction, convection, condensation and radiation) utilised to increase, maintain or decrease the temperature of a system or component.

Parker’s low permeation silicone hose is suitable for use with a wide range of coolant fluids and can withstand ozone and UV attack more efficaciously than alternative materials. The 6722 series is not only chemical and oxidation resistant, but also stable at extreme operating temperatures ranging from –54°C to +177°C such as in engine compartments.

Parker’s 6722 X-Treme series maintains its flexibility and elasticity over time. This reduces the risk of cracking, hardening, or dry rotting and increases the possibility of successful installations in narrow, restricted spaces and around obstructions. Additionally, the new hose offers good sound and vibration dampening performance. All of these benefits contribute to an extended service life reducing costs of maintenance, downtime, warranty and logistics, whilst maintaining the performance of circuits and equipment.

Parker’s silicone hoses provide the necessary characteristics for the growing number of industrial applications where the temperature handling capabilities of other rubber hose solutions are not adequate.


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