Parker Hannifin is set to drive forward the hydrogen innovation debate and present the company’s latest advancements during the Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW) on 5th June. As the world’s largest 24-hour virtual conference on hydrogen, the workshop brings sector experts together to tackle technological advancements and operational challenges.

Embracing the interactive approach of this year’s event, Parker’s dedicated Expert Area will showcase its latest hydrogen solutions, inviting visitors to engage directly with experts.

The company will host four specialized sessions on key topics including safety-enhancing tubing, cooling system advancements, hydrogen sealing innovations, and refueling station developments. These sessions will offer comprehensive insights into hydrogen technology, showcasing Parker’s integrated solutions across production, storage, transport, and usage.

Attendees are invited to engage with Parker’s hydrogen experts during the workshop or connect beforehand via a dedicated contact link, ideal for inquiries or for those unable to attend the live sessions.

As a proactive member of the Hydrogen Council, Parker Hannifin is dedicated to advancing the clean energy transition and fostering a sustainable, resilient future.


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