For its first participation at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Plastic Omnium will be showcasing a series of innovations in response to today and tomorrow’s mobility challenges, which require sustainable, safe and connected solutions, thus positioning itself at the forefront of the mobility revolution. 

Plastic Omnium is a pioneer in the field of hydrogen and believes that hydrogen will play an essential part in mobility’s decarbonization process. Thanks to sustained investments since 2015, the Group now controls the entire value chain, from high pressure vessels to fuel cells. This unique array is attracting a growing number of customers in the automotive, heavy mobility, public transport, rail and aerospace sectors.

In the field of batteries and power electronics, Plastic Omnium has been investing in the development of new power storage technologies, like forthcoming sodium batteries.

Plastic Omnium at CES 2023: making mobility safer

The smart bumper with unequaled sensing faculties. Capable of perceiving the environment in 3D in real time, whatever the weather conditions, its technology includes antennas embedded in the bumper’s material and connected to a radar.

New lighting technologies to anticipate possible dangers and inform passengers of the vehicle. In particular, Plastic Omnium has developed systems that project warning symbols on the ground outside the driver’s and passengers’ doors (e.g. a snowflake symbol, in case of ice on the road).

Making mobility more attractive

Materials of the future integrated into car body panels make it possible to meet both the challenges of aesthetics and sustainability using recycled or biosourced materials, such as grape seeds or oyster shells.

A redesigned front trunk for new uses. The space freed up by the disappearance of the thermal engine at the front of an EV can now serve other purposes and offer new services.

Plastic Omnium is also taking major steps towards the “Software Defined Vehicle”, by implementing a profound transformation of its product portfolio through a significant increase of the role of software.

The year 2022 marked a turning point in the life of the Group which, thanks to its five complementary divisions (Exterior Car Body Panels, Fuel Tanks, Modules, Hydrogen and Lighting), is now able to bring more value-added to its clients.


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