For Proton Motor Fuel Cell participation in trade fairs and customer events is a successful instrument for presenting its technology and product innovations “Made in Germany”. On the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary, the key player is established in the market segments for stationary and mobility applications, emphasising the necessity of the hydrogen ramp-up. For the future of a healthy and climate-neutral energy industry, the prospective switch to renewable resources supports the achievement of the energy and climate transition. The “Hydrogen Technology Expo” on September 27/28 in Bremen will focus on the spectrum of hydrogen fuel cell solutions as a substitute for climate-damaging energy sources in industry and as storage for green, clean power. In view of the fact that the European Union intends to invest at least EUR 470 billion in decarbonisation over the next three decades, the German H2 specialist is taking part in the “European Hydrogen Week” in Brussels (20-24 November). Here, too, the focus is on the industrial innovation of the hydrogen industry based on renewable energies. 

Hy-Brand products for the stationary, maritime, heavy duty and rail sectors

Since 1998, Proton Motor has been manufacturing the CO2-balanced hydrogen fuel cell systems based on the core component “HyStack” into sustainable Hy-Brand products for the stationary, maritime, heavy duty and rail sectors. These include, in particular, the fuel cell systems HyShelter, HyModule, HyFrame, HyCabinet, HyRange, HyShip and HyRail. In the context of political awareness that hydrogen and fuel cells play a fundamental role in overcoming the climate and energy crisis, Proton Motor Fuel Cell expects demand to rise sharply. In particular, the alternative, independent generation of energy for electricity and heat, including uninterrupted respectively emergency power supply of critical infrastructures, guarantees international competitiveness. This is evidenced, among other things, by the current incoming orders for the HyShelter power plant this year from new customers such as “University of Stuttgart” for the “WAVE-H2” process platform and for the “Green Hysland” infrastructure project in Mallorca. 

Proton Motor at the hydrogen summit

At the German hydrogen summit “Hydrogen Dialogue” on December 6/7 in Nuremberg, Proton Motor Fuel Cell is going to showcase the HyModule system to the interested public as well as to present the full capabilities of the Hy-Brand product range. On 8 December, two Hydrogen Dialogue delegations are expected to visit Proton Motor as part of the trade fair. Both the HyModule and the HyStack exhibits can also be viewed at the “System Integration Days” in Bad Pyrmont on October 12/13 hosted by “Phoenix Contact Deutschland”. Sales Manager Viktoria Hackner will be a speaker in the conference program on “The fuel cell and its potential in stationary applications”. 

Lecture “Hydrogen Fuel Cell – An Element of the Energy Transition” 

Just like the Phoenix event for the technical possibilities of Power-to-X applications, the “IMB Energy Systems” symposium in Roth on October 24/25 is aimed at a closed group of guests. Participation is by invitation only, for example to follow live the lecture “Hydrogen Fuel Cell – An Element of the Energy Transition” by Proton Motor CTO & COO Sebastian Goldner. The target audience of the “Exhibition for German Companies” from 15 to 17 November in Paris will be addressed by the “German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce”. For the purpose of substantive knowledge transfer, the opportunities of the export business from Germany to its direct neighbor with a special focus on green hydrogen production are to be explored.


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