Following its debut in 2018, this Intermat edition marked Wolf ’s second appearance, underscoring the company’s commitment to strengthen its position in the heavy-duty off-road segment.

Heavy-duty sales already account for 20% of Wolf’s overall volume, with aspirations to double their impact. That is why we have developed a roadmap for 2026,” explains Elvic Mottelay, Global Heavy-duty Sales Manager. “Our strategic vision is built on three pillars: a clear range of heavy-duty engine oils, a dedicated heavy-duty team, and proactive services to anticipate and support our customers’ challenges.”

We are constantly innovating in terms of products and services,” adds Giorgio Guerra, Global Heavy  Duty Marketing Manager. True to this statement, “Wolf presents a 360-degree offering that reflects the dynamic market in which our company operates.” 

Innovations are driven by two major customer demands. On the one hand, customers seek to minimize their operating cost and maximize their investments. This results in a focus on enhanced equipment productivity and performance. On the other hand, they aim to cut CO2 emissions, highlighting the growing importance of reducing the ecological footprint within heavy-duty off-road operations. 

Product innovation to streamline maintenance

In its product lineup, Wolf includes targeted and versatile products approved by important Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). While targeted products meet the specific requirements of manufacturers and managers of multi-brand fleets, versatile products accommodate all brands on the market. Both facilitate maintenance and reduce downtime, benefiting heavy-duty machines such as wheel loaders or bulldozers. 

A versatile example with a lower environmental impact premiers at Intermat: Wolf CORS, short for “Complete Off-Road Solution”. “Tailored for construction professionals, this concept minimizes the number of oils required for machine maintenance and covers 90% of needs with just 5 products when feasible,” elaborates Elvic Mottelay. “By simplifying their operations, CORS supports customers struggling with the shortage of skilled mechanics.” 

Wolf’s service development keeps pace with its product development, as indicated by an upcoming service launch. Giorgio Guerra: “We are debuting our used oil analysis in collaboration with Polaris Laboratories at Intermat, with an official release scheduled before summer. This analysis enables predictive maintenance, anticipating potential breakdowns and preventing vehicle downtime, thus prolonging machinery lifespan.”


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