ZF Group has announced the rebranding of its Passive Safety Systems division to “ZF Lifetec”. The new branding is part of the current legal separation of the Passive Safety Systems division within the ZF Group. In 2023, ZF Passive Safety Systems achieved sales of around €4.7 billion. As a leading passive safety system provider, ZF Lifetec pursues a well-defined strategy to further increase sales and profitability as a standalone business driven by megatrends in the automotive industry and increasingly stringent safety regulations. 

Our Passive Safety Systems division has developed excellently. As a standalone brand, ZF Lifetec gains the strategic scope to further accelerate sales growth and profitability,” said Holger Klein, CEO of the ZF Group. “The carve-out is progressing well and we continue to explore options to further develop ZF Lifetec in the future.” 

The announcement of the new brand is a visible signal, both internally and externally, of the independent positioning and aspirations of the Passive Safety Systems division,” added Martin Fischer, Member of the Board of Management of the ZF Group responsible for the Passive Safety Systems division.

Rudolf Stark, Head of ZF Passive Safety Systems, added: “Our new ZF Lifetec brand combines our mission of saving lives with our technology driven approach. We are aiming for growth, driven by automotive megatrends and globally rising levels of safety regulations. Our new brand stands for an extraordinary level of safety for vehicle occupants.” 

In October 2022, ZF Group initiated the carve-out of its Passive Safety Systems division, giving it more strategic options for its future development with a view to enabling higher growth in sales and profitability. With the new brand, ZF Lifetec now starts a journey towards a standalone company, leveraging the robust position in a structural growth market less affected by automotive industry shifts. 


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