The new Scania 13-litre inline engine has been awarded for the first time as Diesel of The Year by Powertrain. The award ceremony will be broadcast on May 16 at 5pm on our website and social media.

The Scania’s new engine platform offers unparalleled efficiency to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions, delivering an outstanding operating economy and reliability. The Scania Next Generation DC13 has overcome opponents due to its ability to add customer value in several dimensions. 

First of all, the 13-litre engine is the Scania’s most powerful platform ever. Gaining benefits from decades ofSwedish in-house engineering experience, Scania Power Solutions has obtained an unparalleled engine performance: increased power up to 450kW power output that corresponds to the 11% more than current DC13 (405kW); best in class power density with 35,4 kW/L; 21% more torque (3001 Nm) than current DC13; and high torque at low revs (2660Nm at 900rpm) are some of the main technical specifications of this new generation. These features made this engine win the Diesel of the Year award.

With the introduction of a new inline engine platform, Scania is taking a big step forward towards fulfilling its Science Based Targets, especially in regards with the 20% CO2 reduction from products by 2025 (base line 2015). In fact, the new DC13 will help the OEMs with up to 7% reduction of CO2 emissions, lowering their carbon footprint. Moreover, if the engine is powered by HVO, it will save up to 90% CO2 emissions compared to standard diesel.


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