Mee Dubai 2018, the place to be for engine manufacturers

Mee Dubai 2018 has been a milestone event for the debate over the strategies in the power generation sector. This means that all the big names of the field took part in it.


Perkins, who recently celebrated its 85th anniversary, decided to bet on downsizing. Three main features supported this strategy. One is power implementation, then comes the optimization of the combustion process, and eventually the improvement of the cooling system. These features involved three power ranges. The first one is the 250 kVA range, in which the 7 liters replaced the former 9.3, resulting in a weight reduction of 28%. The 9.3, originally Cat branded, substituted, in the 350 kVA range, the 13 liters since it weights a 20% more. In the 750 kVA range, the 18 liters took the place of the 23, which means a 48% reduction in weight.

Fpt, Cummins, and Baudouin

Concerning Fpt Industrial, the S8000 G-Drive and the Ats (after treatment system) represent Stage V pass for the Nef 6.7 litersBaudouin‘s strategy (in collaboration with Weichai)  to move to power generation collected the general approval. It is a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

Cummins showcased three quality engines. The C450D5, that provides from 400 up to 450 kVA, and joins the QSG12 family. The C1540 N5CC, which meets the 43.8% in terms of electric efficiency with the QSK60 gas engine. The 6LTAA9.5-G1 G-Drive Coolpac dresses in black and features the 350 kVA 9.5 liters. Cummins also presented the Digital Master Control 8000, a system that monitors and coordinates electronic functions.

Man, John Deere, and the rest of the west world

Man took advantage of the location to celebrate the beginning of a partnership. It showcased the D2862 Le221/231 matched with a Leroy Somer alternator. Mtu brought at Mee only the 16V4000 scale model. Deutz, penalized by the affiliation with the German pavilion, focused on Tlc applications and on hybridization, with batteries and solar panels. The company aims to improve Moroccan MagiDeutz, that so far has been marginal. The company works on gensets, mainly for the North African area.

John Deere relied on the trio of engines that fit better for power generation. These are the 2.9, the 4.5 and the 6.8 liters. It makes sense especially in those Mee related markets, such as the African, Middle East, Russian ones. Also the Chinese market is not excluded.

As for Baudouin, also Steyr relies on Chinese capitals. This allow the company to look for differentiation, in both marine and stationary fields. Scania and Volvo did not showcase any big novelty. The 16 liters they brought at Mee will have to contain the strategic attack from Fpt and Cursor 16.

Kohler – Sdmo also came at Mee with some known products. Kohler’s Kdi family was there as well as the 2017 Diesel of the year award winner, the D96 Liebherr engine family. This last one is a Kps-Sdmo exclusive for power generation. Italian Pramac came to Dubai betting on gas and hybrids with Generac.

News from the East

Weichai and its European extension, Baudouin, also with Yuchai and RaywinLovol, approached Dubai with a great number of Chinese engines. Doosan came from Korea while all its engine ranges are being improved, both in power and segmentation terms. From Japan, Kubota carried the 1.1 and 2.2 liters, while Yanmar bet on Tnv and on mono LN top of the range. Indian Mahindra Powerol, in Dubai with President Hemant Sikka, presented a new 250 kVA generator. Kirlostar, on its side, presented itself officially to Emea, with the aim of entering both stationary and mobile applications sectors.


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