Offering food for thought on the evolution of the sector, creating opportunities for discussion and debate and anticipating the key topics of the 31st edition of Samoter (Verona, 3-7 May 2023) – this is the aim of the free webinar programme developed by Veronafiere among other initiatives during the run-up to Samoter.

Starting in January 2023, five webinars will involve machinery builders, associations and institutions, helping us to take stock of a sector experiencing a period of far-reaching evolution. 

Samoter webinars: contents 

The first webinar (26 January 2023), “Construction machinery towards the zero emissions goal: electric, hybrid or hydrogen?”, will focus on sustainability and decarbonisation, an increasingly central topic, especially in urban sites. This challenge has great prospects not without a number of critical aspects. 

The webinar will discuss and compare the range of technologies available in order to achieve the zero emissions goal: electric, hybrid or hydrogen. 

The second appointment “Earthmoving and digital. A waste of time?” is organized by E-construction with a focus on digitization, starting from a premise: companies in the earthmoving sector are among the most reluctant to apply digital technologies, often considered to lack effective feedback in relation to the investments involved. 

In order to demonstrate the validity of digital transformation and the importance of undertaking a virtuous approach, industry experts will discuss various aspects of digitization in the construction sector, from assisted excavation systems and machine control, through to management control. 

The central theme of the third webinar, on the other hand, is safety. During the event, IPAF will join us to outline new technologies and best practices for efficient and safe work. 

The fourth appointment, “The role of modern hire services in the construction supply chain”, will discuss the evolution that hire companies are experiencing as they move from their traditional role as suppliers of occasional requirements to one as general provider. This implies digitizing, educating and overseeing safety, taking charge of the ecological transition, as well as new considerations concerning drivers and connections between partners.

The fifth and final webinar, “Photovoltaic in quarries: regulatory aspects, investment opportunities and case histories”, is organized in collaboration with Anepla, Anie Rinnovabili and Infralab. Regulatory aspects and investment opportunities will be discussed and a number of case histories will be discussed.  


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