Cranab at Interforst 2018. Forestry and recycled materials handling

Interforst 2018. Appointment in Munich, from 18 to 22 July. This is when and when the Swedish group Cranab will present the latest product news in the field of forestry, in addition to the new models of cranes for forest use and for the handling of recycled materials. These are models specially designed for truck layouts. All the brands of the group, which in addition to Cranab also means Slagkraft, Vimek and Bracke Forest, will take part in the event. The presentation will take place in the 630 square meters Cranab’s stand.

Interforst 2018 in numbers

Interforst is a matter of pride for the German economy, as well as a leading element in the industrial supply chain. In numbers, it means over 70,000 square meters of exhibition space. A network that brings together 451 exhibitors, 289 Germans and 162 international ones. Represented 27 countries including Austria, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. Another noteworthy figure is the almost 128,000 companies working in the forestry and wood industry. In terms of human resources, it means more than 1.1 million employees, for an annual turnover of around 180 billion euros.

Interforst is also the perfect opportunity to talk about the future of these sectors. Among other things, this means increasingly interconnected machines that, in economic terms, can more efficiently take advantage from operational planning. It also means innovative technologies and digitization to optimize efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Cranab, Slagkraft, Vimek and Bracke Forest

At Interforst 2018, the Cranab group presents various solutions designed for companies in the forestry management sector. The various companies of the group are present with their respective specializations. Bracke showcases soil preparation and sowing equipment. Vimek, on the other hand, exhibits light and versatile machines for the collection and transport of wood. Some of these are specialized to operate even under demanding forest conditions. The brand that gives its name to the group showcases the cranes for the forest harvesting of wood, as well as vehicles and solutions for its transport. Also present are loader cranes with a range of grippers and various accessories for cutting.

Interforst after IFAT

Interforst provides an ideal stage for the world premiere of the new model of the truck crane range, the TZ18. It is a two-extension crane with a maximum reach of 10.2 m. The base stabilizer has a spread of 5.2 m. Cranab designed this version both for use in forest contexts and for handling recyclable materials. Thanks to the partnership with the Italian company Fassi Gru, Cranab has made decisive steps forward in this direction. Already at IFAT, which was always held in Munich a short time ago, Cranab presented another new model of the same series, the TZ12.2 R crane with a maximum reach of 7.7 m.


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