John Deere and the latest green trends

Canada, together with the Netherlands, is leading the way in the use of commercial greenhouses. These represent a great potential resource for the future of agriculture, in order to route it on a more sustainable path. Recently, Van der Burg of Berkel en Roderijs, a company based, not by chance, in the Netherlands, has customized two self-propelled scissor lifts to adapt them to Canadian operational needs.

The recipient of the machinery is the Dutch Voorwinden Group, a company leading in the greenhouse construction sector, which will use them to meet the growing demand. «Investments in sustainable growing methods is increasing», explains Arjan Van der Burg, co-owner of the company. «Some projects are huge, involving very tall greenhouses spreading over hectares of land. Scissors lifts are crucial to help builders meet deadlines and keep crew safe. They are used to lift bulky components, and provide an aerial work platform for installing glass plates, windows and vents», continues van der Burg. «With such ambitious projects, greenhouse manufacturers need design flexibility for local conditions and regulations».

John Deere PowerTech PWL

Moving to the mechanical level, Van der Burg relies on a standard chassis, then adapted according to demand. The platforms for the Voorwinden Group measure 6×2.6 meters, and reach up to 8 meters in height. They can also extend in width up to a maximum of 4.5 meters. Steel tracks and self-leveling hydraulic frame ensure stability also on uneven grounds. Both the machine and the platform have the remote control option.

The Canadian regulations in terms of emissions are quite stringent. The choice of a Tier 4 Final/Stage IV is therefore almost obvious. Van der Burg relies on John Deere that, to be precise provides its 4.5 liters PowerTech PWL. NPS Diesel B.V., distributor of John Deere for the Benelux, plays the role of intermediary. The engine, which arrives ready for installation, is also equipped with an integrated system for emission control. It features Scr, Doc, and Egr.

Garden roofs, high-altitude sustainability

The new way of conceiving green is not just about mass cultivation, but also about urban spaces. This is the case of garden roofs. In fact, these are becoming very popular on the roofs of buildings in countries such as Germany, France, and Switzerland, to limit ourselves to Europe. But even in the States, the trend is gaining popularity. In addition to the “environmental” advantages (where the building itself is meant for the environment), and to the economic ones, ease of installation is playing a fundamental role in their affirmation.

Express Blower Inc. and John Deere

Express Blower Inc. is involved in this field and works on the construction of a wide range of equipment. Here too John Deere has done its part. The truck-mounted machines (5 models) are able to get the materials on top of 30 stories buildings. And they can do it thanks to dedicated John Deere engines. «Our customers have pretty diverse ways to use the blower trucks», says Jason Wedmore, National Account Manager for Express Blower. «Having high-horsepower engines powering our machines gives them a lot farther range».

Returning to John Deere, Express Blower has just recently started relying on their engines. Here again, these are Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engines. One is the 6.8-liter PowerTech PSS, which powers medium-heavy vehicles. The other, which is mounted on the other three heavier models, is the 9-liter PowerTech PSS. Superior Diesel from Rhinelander, Wisconsin, is the authorized dealer. He also provided technical assistance for the transition to the new technology. Brendan O’Connor, product manager for Express Blower, commented on the recent partnership. «Because of the increased size of the components, we had to get much more creative in the packaging of our unit. The support of both John Deere and Superior Diesel has helped us immensely in doing all of that engineering work. The service has been outstanding».



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