Volvo Penta took part in CES 2021 and introduced a fully integrated assisted docking system. Before talking in-depth about the new product, let’s go back to the beginning of 2020, when the Covid-19 was not part of our lives yet. In fact, one year ago we mentioned the US exhibition in this post. It was indeed the last physical edition of the trade fair dedicated to consumer electronics, as this year the event was held virtually from 11 to 14 January. Indeed, Volvo Penta had a virtual booth and it was the virtual place where the presentation was carried out.

volvo penta assisted docking system

Better control when docking a boat

So, what can we say about the product? Let’s rely on the official statement released by Volvo Penta. «The assisted docking system gives the captain better control when docking a boat by automating his or her intentions, compensating for some dynamic variables, such as wind and current, and helping the vessel stay on its intended course».

Indeed, docking can be one of the most stressful and challenging aspects of boating – even for experienced captains. The consequences of getting it wrong when you are docking a boat are expensive, at best – and that is in fair weather. Unlike a car, a boat never stands still without some maneuvering required. And moving in a straight line, into a narrow berth in foul weather is much more difficult than steering the wheel of a car.

Volvo Penta assisted docking system: the next step

«The assisted docking system integrates a software layer developed in house with the company’s GPS-based Dynamic Positioning System and proprietary Inboard Performance Systems (IPS) for a complete package including HMI (human-machine interface) at the helm, electronics via the engine, propulsion systems and sensors, and advanced navigation processing power for a much easier boating experience, even in rough conditions».

Volvo Penta 2020
Quad IPS1350

«When we launched our joystick technology in 2006, the maneuvering and control functionality it brought to leisure boating shook up the marine industry – delivering game-changing innovation is in our DNA», explains Anders Thorin, Product Manager Electronics at Volvo Penta. «From our Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, which connects and manages the internal communications between the engine and driveline, joystick and display screen so the driver can control everything from the joystick – to our Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), which automatically maintains a boat’s heading and position, even in rough conditions – to today with the release of the Assisted Docking system, we take the next step in easy boating and continue our long-held ambition to make docking a boat easier for a more enjoyable boating experience».


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