MAN Energy Solutions, MAN Energy Solutions USA and Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest cruise company, have signed a service agreement (LTSA) for five of Carnival’s Vista Class cruise ships powered by MAN 48/60CR type engines. The scope of the agreement covers the management of all maintenance, including planning, parts, technical advisory service, training and remote monitoring support. MAN Energy Solutions will manage the agreement via MAN PrimeServ, its after-sales brand. 

Riccardo Cordara, AVP, Fleet Asset Management | Corporate Maritime Operations of Carnival Corporation, said: “This partnership enhances our engine management programme, which includes 24/7 remote monitoring and support as well as early anomaly detection and preventive maintenance capabilities. In addition, this collaboration will explore new opportunities to further reduce our Greenhouse Gas emissions as part of our decarbonisation effort.”

MAN PrimeServ views the agreement as a fundamental first step in transforming the companies’ relationship toward a more structured partnership, bringing more dedicated daily communication and the opportunity to identify and respond to the evolving, long-term challenges and interests of both companies. It attributes the agreement to an existing interest in working closer together and the already excellent relations between the parties.

Chris Gray, MAN PrimeServ Head of O&M Contracting and Sales, said: “Throughout negotiations, it was obvious that the working-level relationship between the teams on each side who deal with the day-to-day maintenance and performance of the engines was very positive and professional, a real foundation upon which to build something bigger. The basic LTSA will produce several, immediate benefits to Carnival Corporation in the form of lower costs, greater price predictability and reliable performance. These will result largely from better planning, reduced administration, more efficient resource allocation and intensified communication.


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