Comparison 2000 hp marine Diesel engines. Be careful, this comparison offers many interesting insights, but you will soon find a post on diesel-international that will updated. In fact, Caterpillar has just relaunched the news. After having reached the 2000 hp threshold, which we will tell you about here, it has announced the extraordinary power rating of 2433 mhp. HERE AND NOW is the PDF of the comparison. Followed by the beginning.

Comparison 2000 hp marine Diesel engines

Comparison 2000 hp marine Diesel engines

Covid was fatal, so it was that ‘rien ne va plus’ of the Prefecture of the Maritime Alps on August 23rd. The 2020 Cannes Motor Show would record exploits of Caterpillar and MTU. Translated in HP, 2,000, for Cat, 1,974 for Mtu. In 2014 the Germans boosted the 2000 series thanks to the 1,432 kW of the 12 V2000M96L, which proves capable of 5,576 Nmo at 2,450 rpm at that power rate. In the box you will find a summary of what we wrote on our return from the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2014. Just a year after MAN picks up the challenge, raising from 1,800 to 1,900 HP. This is what we wrote in late spring 2015: The V12-1900 delivers 1,397 kW at the usual 2,300 rpm, thanks to improved fluid dynamics and setting of the control unit. MEP speaks volumes about thermodynamic optimization: although being top level on the V12-1800 it was further improved from 29.5 to 30.7 bar. The real ace up the liters sleeve of MAN still remains the weight: the V12 is confirmed as the super-light of the segment. With 2,365 kg it leaves 415 kg behind the Friedrichshafen’s 12-cylinder, featuring higher power density and specific power (22.8 and 1.9 kW).

Comparison 2000 hp marine Diesel engines

MTU knocked once too

Also with regard to dimensions, just 3.12 m3, the only one to be compared is MTU (3.37 m3), being American and French at 4.51 and 4.71 cubic meters. Speaking of convenience for small engine compartments, the filter remains in line with the shape of the engine, also favoring the replacement inside the same compartment. Torque curve shows an interesting profile, 6,220 Nm available at 1,200 rpm and steady up to 2,000 rpm, which allows to rely on 5,800 Nm at maximum power. These figures owe so much to the Edc control unit that drives the 1,650 bar Bosch common rail with double stage per bank, intercooler and waste gate valve, two pumps for low pressure and two for high pressure. The water exchanger is no longer tube bundle but plate. Man did not stop there, and in 2018 made a round figure: the 12-cylinder V thus increased to 2,000 HP, aka 1,470 kW, leaving behind the cousins of Lake Constance. We mentioned Baudouin, Weichai engine block, French engineering and European components. Its profile is more commercial than leisure. Preview at the 2015 SMM. Baudoin spotted in Hamburg in commercial dress. Weichai’s contribution is certainly financial, both for the investment in research and development (some years of R&D and a testing period is estimated at 6/700 hours) and for the competitiveness of the alloys (especially cast iron, which is used for the monoblock), which come from Chinese foundries. The assembly of the 12 M26.3 series is instead done in France, the birthplace of some components of this 12 cylinders V, such as the aftercooler and the heat exchanger.


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