Cox Marine has expanded the distribution of its 300hp diesel outboard engine, the CXO300, to cover Poland and Finland, building on its established presence throughout the key Northern Europe and Baltic regions.

Customers and OEMs in the new markets will receive specialist support from Cox Marine’s current Swedish distributor Diesel Power AB, after the Kungsbacka-based company strengthened the partnership by extending its reach into the additional countries and enhancing its dedicated Cox engine sales team.

To back the expansion, Diesel Power has also recruited Mats Hallberg as its Export Sales Manager for Cox Marine. With responsibility for all the company’s territories, Mats brings extensive experience of working with leading OEMs, including Yanmar Marine, to his new position.

Cox Marine and Diesel Power: the comments

Peter Nauwerck, CEO at Diesel Power, said: “We are very proud that Cox has selected us to support Finland and Poland. We see the progression as recognition for the work that we have done in theneighboring countries around the Baltic Sea, including Sweden, Germany and the Baltic countries. Furthermore, it echoes our strategy to be the leading supplier of products and solutions which have a minimal impact on the environment in Northern Europe.”

As a distributor for some of the world’s leading marine engine brands, Diesel Power is well-placed to successfully introduce the CXO300 to potential new buyers and open additional markets, while also offer a high level of service and support.

Both the Finnish and Polish markets are characterised by a strong presence of some of the leading boat manufacturers in Europe, but especially Finland also offers opportunities with commercial and governmental users,” said Diesel Power´s Export Manager, Mats HallbergHugh Hudleston, Head of Sales at Cox Marine, added: “Diesel Power AB moving into Poland and Finland is greatly appreciated by the business, as it not only opens our product to new markets, but it also demonstrates that there is demand in all corners of the globe for the high-performance diesel outboard. We look forward to seeing how the success of the CXO300 develops in these new territories.”


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