Cummins at Genoa Boat Show, with some interesting ‘items’ under the spotlights… Cummins Marine believed in Genoa Boat Show and the benefits were mutual (speaking of benefits, do you know Guidanz, the Cummins App?). Cummins duly took advantage of the only limelight available to the marine audience, the Power Village in Genoa had two presences: unusual, the first, a premiere, the other.

Cummins at Genoa Boat Show
Cummins QSK50

Cummins at Genoa Boat Show. Talking about PG on board

We are talking, in order of description, about the QSK50-DM1 and the Onan C-Power QSB7.
It is infrequent to see the display of the 16-cylinder V-cylinder, if only for logistical reasons (thought flies to the harbor area of Ancona, in Italy too, at the International Fishing Fair, where a pavilion was once monopolised by large engines for fishing boats). The American super-square engine (BxS 159 x 159 millimetres), uses high pressure electronic fuel pumps, that deliver up to 1600 bar injection pressure and eliminate mechanical linkage adjustments, modular Common Rail fuel System (MCRS), and a dual cooling system, and provides flexible installation of the turbo, either vertically or horizontally. The QSK50-Dm1, at 1,800 rpm, is able to provide up to 1,628 kW. The fixed speed version, like the one for propulsion, also adopts pistons with nitride coated rings and hardened cylinder liner. The electronics are equipped with a control unit to monitor the operating parameters, while providing complete engine diagnostics and protection. A single electrical interface for all boat connections reduces the complexity of the installation.

Cummins at Genoa Boat Show
Onan QSB6.7E

And Cummins Onan C-Power QSB6.7E

The Cummins stands have accustomed us to the presence of 6.7 litres, even in slim size, and this was also the case in Genoa. This time it’s a preview: the Onan C-Power QSB6.7E pleasure boat generator, which shares engine block, alternator and control systems with versions for commercial applications. One-sided maintenance accesses make maintenance easier, as with mobile applications, the aluminium casing reduces noise levels as much as possible.

«We understand that luxury yacht manufacturers face growing demands for comfort and peace of mind,» said Michel Kozulic, Marine Business Development Manager at Cummins. «Cummins’ QSB7E generator provides maximum reliability thanks to a commonality with its proven commercial marine generator portfolio. We know that peace of mind is the greatest customer benefit that we can pass along to our OEM partners when designing power solutions for this market,» Kozulic continued.


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