FPT Industrial will launch two newly rated marine propulsion engines at the Pacific Marine Expo 2023 (Seattle, November 8-10): the new medium and heavy-duty Cursor C90 410 and high-performance commercial light-duty C90 650E @ 605 hp. Both engines build on FPT’s legacy of outstanding power output standards with minimum displacement and the highest levels of reliability. Visitors to PME will discover how these new solutions provide the specifications and performance necessary to deliver competitive operating costs through high efficiency and easy maintenance.

FPT Industrial’s new C90 410 EPA Tier 3 commercial marine engine adds a medium-duty rating to the brand’s offer in this segment. Expanding on existing D-type rated engines for heavy-duty applications, this best-in-class C-type rated engine provides 410 hp (301 kW) at 2000 rpm. The highest power and torque density come together with a specific fuel consumption of 214 g/kWh to deliver an efficient and highly productive engine available to the market. Indeed, the robust C90 410 provides 380 hp (279 kW) of rated power in the continuous duty rating, making it competitive with the heavy-duty engines of many competitors. The high torque provides excellent vessel control and maneuverability.

Fully compliant with EPA Tier 3 emissions level, the C90 410 features turbocharged air cooling and an electronic common rail fuel system with optimal fuel delivery and timing precision whatever the speed or load condition. Furthermore, customers benefit from both keel-cooled and heat exchange cooling options.

At PME FPT Industrial is also introducing the new C90 650E 605 EPA Tier 3 marine propulsion engine. The introduction of this A2/B1-rated model means the line-up of light-duty engines now extends to 605 hp (445 kW) at 2530 rpm, up from 580 hp. This performance equates to best-in-class power for light-duty EPA tier 3 commercial applications in the 9-liter displacement range. Even more impressive for the consumer market is that this model is configurable in keel-cooled and heat exchange cooling packaging. Other stand-out features of the innovative C90 650E 605 include a best-in-class torque response time of 1.28 Nm/Rpm and improved peak torque of 2181 Nm at 1700 rpm. By optimizing performance to fit the customer and mission profile, the power and torque curves are unmatched by any other 9-liter product on the market.

Fully EPA Tier 3 compliant, both the C90 410 and the C90 650E 605 feature turbocharged air cooling and an electronic common rail fuel system, the benefits of which include low vibration and noise for quiet operation and quicker load acceptance. 

Like all FPT Industrial high-performance, flexible, and reliable Cursor 9 engines, the C90 410 and C90 650E 605 are customizable upon request. Options include electronic speed and shift controls and high-performance monitoring systems.


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