MAN Engines is introducing the marine hybrid system. More into details, the modular MAN Smart Hybrid Experience «flexibly combines conventional marine engines and electric motors with batteries and on-board units opens up countless opportunities for incorporating different degrees of hybrid power in leisure craft as well as commercial applications».

The company’s idea is to enter a new era of low-emission mobility through the use of intelligent solutions without neglecting performance, comfort and efficiency. As a matter of fact, the issue of hybridization at sea, in particular for the yachting sector, was the focus of the first stage of our Sustainable Powertrain Tour, held last month (below, the full video).

MAN Engines provides shipyards with a holistic system

Here’s what MAN stated about the new release: «As a systems supplier, MAN Engines supports its customers along the entire process chain, from the planning and concept phase to the development work and on to the technical implementation of complex drive components as well as batteries and power electronics. MAN Engines provides shipyards with a holistic system from a single source – each and every time. What’s more, when it comes to servicing and maintenance work, MAN Engines has an extensive network including service stations in all major ports across the globe». 

MAN Engines and the marine hybrid system: how it works

«The MAN Smart Hybrid Experience represents the next level of mobility, building upon the familiar reliability and sustainability that MAN Engines is known for», added Matthias Schreiber, Head of MAN Engines.

The hybrid system developed by MAN combines all the advantages of a conventional drive system with the latest possibilities afforded by electric motors and batteries. In addition to improving efficiency and extending the range, noise emissions can be completely eliminated. Furthermore, the battery-electric mode means the boat can access future marine protected areas.

Finally, MAN Engines uses different operating modes to configure the driving profiles. These modes range from battery-electric mode, diesel-electric mode, cross-over mode and hotel mode to boost mode. 

As the drive systems always have the best possible configuration, numerous driving and operating profiles can be set up efficiently. These include economical driving styles in order to boost the range, as well as the ability to call up more power as a ‘power boost’ option.


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