OXE Marine AB has signed an agreement with Nimbus Group for the supply of engines. The agreement means that OXE Marine’s industry-leading diesel-powered outboards are now an available option for Nimbus Group’s customers to power their boats.

Until now, Nimbus Group’s customers have only been able to choose diesel inboards, but with the new agreement with OXE Marine, their offer is now broadened even further.

Nimbus Group is one of the Nordics’ leading boat manufacturers and the fact that they have included our engines in their range is a great acknowledgement both for our technology and our products,” says Anders Berg, CEO of OXE Marine.

OXE Marine’s outboards have significantly lower fuel consumption than gasoline-powered outboards of equivalent horsepower, as a result of the diesel powerhead based on automotive technology. When OXE Marine recently conducted sea trials of a double OXE300 installation on a Nimbus T11, the results showed that the gasoline alternative consumed 50% more fuel. It was also noted that the double OXE300 installation performed with a higher top and cruising speed. When the same installation was run on HVO100, a type of biodiesel, a 92% reduction of net COemissions was seen, relative to the gasoline alternative.

By choosing a diesel-powered outboard from OXE Marine, the customers can benefit from seeing significant reductions in both operating costs and CO2 emissions. OXE Marine’s technology can play an important part in the transition towards a more sustainable marine environment, which unlike other alternatives, is widely available for use already today,” says Anders Berg.

From Nimbus Group’s perspective, the agreement is seen as an important step in strengthening their offering to their customers. “It is crucial that Nimbus Group can offer our customers a broad range of boats and engines. We are pleased with the collaboration with OXE Marine because it means that we are broadening our range and giving customers the opportunity to also choose diesel-powered outboard engines,” says Jan-Erik Lindström, CEO of Nimbus Group.


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