Perkins also carries a marine Identity, meaning not only power generation and offhighway. The vocation on the water is reflected in commercial applications under the heavy duty imprinting of British engineering.

What will Perkins bring to the Seawork?

The 25th Seawork takes place at Mayflower Park in Southampton, southern England, June 11-13. Let’s start with what’s brand new proposals, starting with the E44 Turbo Aftercooled. This is an auxiliary engine, so it will be deployed for onboard genset. The engine block details match that of the 4-cylinder Series 1200 for industrial mobile applications. Maximum power output ranges from 81.5 to 129 kW in the interval from 1500 to 1800 rpm. The inline 1.1-liters cylinder displacement (BxS 105×127 mm) engine block relies on turbocharging, with integrated cooling. Control of thermodynamic functions and parameters is entrusted to the ECU, which of course manages fuel delivery. Commercial applications, even on this displacement range, call for injection to be suitable for duty cycles and vessel demands (e.g., if under sail on loading and unloading a tug). In short, there is all the experience of Peterborough research and development applied to the needs of people working in ports.

And the E70B Diesel engine

Perkins Seawork
Perkins E70B electronic engine

At Seawork in Southampton Perkins will also showcase the E70B. The 6-cylinder 7L displacement engine (BxS 105×135 mm) provides from 109 kW to 218 kW at 1800 rpm. This marine engine is turbocharged aftercooled too. Talking about the full electronic control system, E70B features engine harness with IP55 Customer connect for engine sensors and SAE J1939 CAN bus. Technical features that make the engine easily customizable to the needs of the shipyard and the owner.

Sea works thinks… pink

In celebration of WISTA’s 50th Anniversary and the 25th Anniversary of Seawork, will take place the 2024 Women in Marine Industry event on the first day of Seawork 2024. Speakers include Louise Sara, Fleet Captain: Director – Maritime Standards Carnival Corporation & plc.  Louise etched her name in maritime history when her exceptional skills and determination culminated in her appointment as the first female and youngest captain by P&O Ferries on the English Channel.


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