Rolls-Royce has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Singapore, to further strengthen its partnership with Majestic Fast Ferry in enabling clean, energy-efficient sailings for its current fleet of 11 ferries, fitted with mtu propulsion systems

The event also commemorated the ferry operator’s 100th mtu engine purchased since 2016 from Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia, a subsidiary of the Power Systems division of Rolls-Royce. Majestic Fast Ferry uses mtu Series 2000 engines, with the 100th unit being the 16V 2000 M72 with a power output of 1,440 kW.

The MoU was signed by President of Global Markets Rolls-Royce Power Systems and Managing Director of Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia, Giovanni Spadaro and Managing Director of Majestic Fast Ferry, Max Tan and witnessed by President – Power Systems, Rolls-Royce, Jörg Stratmann and Board Director at Majestic Fast Ferry, Zhang Mao Xin. The signing of the agreement reaffirms the longstanding ties and joint commitment by both companies to strengthen marine connectivity, whilst looking into alternative fuel sources to enable a greener maritime industry, according to the Power Systems strategy. 

Rolls-Royce will continue partnering Majestic Fast Ferry to ensure ferry services are as sustainable as possible, including the use of engines and propulsion solutions that are able to run on hybrid and renewable fuels such as HVO. 

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the same day that Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia celebrated its 50th anniversary in Singapore. Serving over 30 countries across Asia, the company is supported by a dedicated team of approximately 300 employees locally, providing service solutions that play pivotal roles in the industrial, naval, governmental, commercial marine, and power generation sectors.


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