Eve, a company based in northern Italy, specializing in electrical solutions, has announced the birth of Agri-Eve, the new brand dedicated to the world of agricultural and forestry machinery. The Agri-Eve Evo series electric tractors are 4WD vehicles designed specifically for vineyards, orchards, greenhouses without precluding all other activities necessary for modern agriculture. With an operation that can reach up to eight hours of operation with a single charge and the possibility of extending this time through the “battery swap” options or the replacement of a discharged battery with a charged one, the Evo tractors allow operators to work in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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Agri-Eve, innovation at the service of electric agricultural mobility

The recharging of the batteries, thanks to the Evo Smart Charging technology, can be carried out both at Level 2 (7 kW and 11 kW) and in the 50 kW quick charge mode. With the implementation of highly innovative technological systems, such as remote control and autonomous driving, efficiency and versatility in the field benefit.

Precision farming and remote control of multiple machines at the same time are now the standard for modern farms. The Evo platforms are designed to meet the needs of these customers”, commented Massimo Galli, CEO of Eve. “Nowadays, zero-emission agricultural vehicles are in great demand because for most farmers they have to reduce pollution, increase efficiency and contain the costs of maintaining their fleet, since these characteristics of innovation and efficiency they have become an essential thing on the farm”.

The Evo series are designed to meet the needs of these customers. The unique and multi-faceted new model will position Agri-Eve to gain market share and compete very favorably with medium- and heavy-duty tractors in both agriculture and commercial tractor segments. In addition to the Evo series tractor line, Agri-Eve has further strategic partnerships underway for the development of new products, belonging to the agricultural and forestry categories, aimed at creating new fully electric vehicles. To this end, the Rovereto-based company is selecting new partners for its future products and solutions. The Evo series products are now available for pre-order, while deliveries will begin in the last quarter of 2022.


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