Claas and the Carraro Group have decided to further extend their ten-year collaboration with a new strategic agreement, signed at the Carraro Group headquarters in Campodarsego (Padua). Alongside the development and production of specialized and compact tractors, as well as the supply of axles and gears for tractors, the collaboration will also include the exchange of skills in the field of human capital and in sustainability best practices.

Claas and the Carraro Group can look back on decades of collaboration. In addition to the supply of axles and gears, for example for the Arion 400 tractors produced in Le Mans, since 2003 – i.e. since Claas took over Renault Agriculture – the partnership also includes the development and production of specialized tractors, for vineyards and orchards, and compact. The two companies, owned by leading entrepreneurial families, have now laid the foundations for further growth on both sides as part of a strategic agreement. This makes the Carraro Group the third company with which Claas has entered into a strategic partnership of this importance.

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Claas and Carraro Group, focus on sustainability

In the future, strategic cooperation will not be limited only to merely technical areas such as the development and construction of tractors or the supply of axles by the Carraro Group, but will also extend to the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This agreement seals a solid ten-year relationship between two industrial groups of reference in specific markets,” commented Andrea Conchetto, CEO of the Carraro Group. “Today, however, we are going beyond a typical contract for the supply of vehicles, components and services, because we intend to share our mutual skills.”

Just recently, in November 2021, Claas presented the new Nexos series produced by Carraro with Stage V engines and with technology and equipment upgrades. Thanks to this even closer collaboration, other new models will follow in 2022, the first of which will already be visible at SIMA, which will take place in Paris from 6 to 10 November next. 

Our decision to intensify collaboration with the Carraro Group is based on strong mutual trust and the desire to go deeper into the skills we have developed together over the years,” explains Claas CEO Thomas Böck. Therefore, a selection of Carraro Group collaborators will work at some Claas offices for short periods and vice versaIn addition to production, this path will also involve some administrative functions in the business unit of specialized tractors. Both companies will benefit from this transfer of skills in the medium and long term and will strengthen the cooperation and their relationship to support the value of their respective brands”.


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