CNH and HD Hyundai have announced a joint innovation program at the CES Show in Las Vegas: Stefano Pampalone, President Construction at CNH and Young-Cheul Cho, President and CEO of HD Hyundai XiteSolution (HDX), the controlling company of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment and HD Hyundai Infracore, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint research center in the United States.

The collaboration between CNH and HD Hyundai XiteSolution (HDX) aims to leverage their construction expertise to accelerate innovation and investment in new technologies for the construction industry.

The CE Innovation Lab, formed by the partnership, will focus on exploring emerging technology trends, understanding evolving customer needs, and identifying opportunities for portfolio enhancements in the construction sector. The joint research center will work on advancing the development and adoption of new technologies, including automation and Artificial Intelligence, in the construction industry.

The parties will mutually benefit from each other’s distinctive technological capabilities. HDX will supply CNH with their patented AAVM+ (Advanced Around View Monitoring Plus) 360-degree camera and radar system delivering enhanced safety. CNH will supply HDX with Global Navigation Satellite System technologies through its Hemisphere brand.

In the future, CNH and HDX anticipate expanding their collaboration within the research center to encompass the co-development of new technologies and co-investment in innovative start-ups via their CNH Ventures and HD Hyundai investment arms.


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