The DX20ZE-7 mini excavator will be the first mass-produced electric excavator from Develon, formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment. This 2-ton excavator combines low noise and zero emissions with the features and performance improvements introduced by the new generation DX-7 Series mini excavators.

The DX20ZE-7 is designed to meet the growing demand for electric machines,” explains Stephane Dieu, Develon Europe Product Manager for Excavators. “Compact machines, such as mini-excavators, tend to work above all in urban or residential areas, close to other workers, conditions where the low noise and absence of polluting emissions of electric machines offer a great advantage over their diesel counterparts.

The retractable undercarriage allows the new excavator to pass through tight entrances and exits, making it ideal for working in confined spaces and in indoor construction and demolition applications. Once in the working area, the operator can widen the machine undercarriage to take full advantage of its stability and lifting capacity. The compact size of the DX20ZE-7 makes it an excellent solution for construction and rental companies operating in sensitive areas where it is necessary to work at night or otherwise limit noise.

The DX20ZE-7 mini excavator is powered by an in-house developed 20.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack, and all electrical systems and machine components are optimized for working in harsh environments. A quick-charge system restores the charge to 80% in just one hour and 20 minutes, while the on-board charger ensures that the batteries are fully recharged in eight hours.

Develon: telematics as standard on the mini excavator

Telematics is standard on the DX20ZE-7 mini excavator. Operators and dealerships can remotely monitor machine health, location and performance via app or website. Telematics functions help owners to:

• Minimize the risk of theft and verify the location of the machine.

• Avoid unauthorized use of the machine.

• Respect the maintenance schedule.

• Customize alerts based on customer planning.

• Monitor parameters such as pressure oil, operating temperature, etc.

• Leverage captured data to train operators for maximum productivity.


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