The Diesel of the year 2021 is John Deere 18.0L. The Diesel of the year prize comes home 15 years after the baptism. The John Deere PowerTech Plus 6090 was awarded the first time in 2006. The winner is now called the 18.0L, it is the natural evolution of the 13.6-litre unveiled in Vegas in 2017 and takes up the throne of the Deere.

Diesel of the year 2021 is John Deere 18.0L

Diesel of the year 2021 is John Deere 18.0L. The second time

The awarding of the prize to the John Deere 18.0L on the one hand confirms that the winner really appreciated this . In fact, Deere has achieved an encore like Kohler (2012 and 2015, with Intermat as the common denominator) and Deutz (Bauma 2010 and Intermat 2018). FPT Industrial, the defending champion, even scored a hat-trick (Samoter 2008 and 2014, Conexpo and Samoter 2020, awards suspended due to pandemic restrictions). On the other hand, it can be seen that both compacts and medium-large engines are evenly represented in the palmares. Liebherr, with a 63-litre 12-cylinder, is the only representative of oversize engines. The two engine sizes most popular with the Diesel of the Year jury are between 9 and 16 litres, in the top section of the range, and between 2.9 and 3.4 litres, in the low entry section.

Diesel of the year 2021

Michael Lefebvre

We will have the opportunity to have an in-depth analysis on the reasons for the 18-litre awarding. At the moment, here is the beginning of our conversation with Michael Lefebvre, Manager, Global Marketing Support at John Deere Power Systems. At the time, he was unaware that he had been awarded diesel of the year.

Was this engine designed more for the European or North American market?

«The 18.0L engine was designed for John Deere customers all around the world. Customer value is the driving factor in our Smart Industrial strategy. This isn’t technology for technology’s sake — it’s developing smarter tools that pay back the customer’s investment with solid economic returns over the life of the product. We leveraged analysis-led design strategies for both the 13.6L engine and the new 18.0L engine announced in 2020. Advanced modeling allows us to define and optimize engine subsystems to achieve performance requirements that are determined by global customer needs. These customer needs will continue to be the primary drivers of next-generation engine design, which will result in engines that offer optimized and simpler systems while meeting power and reliability demands.»


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