The DLG-Feldtage 2024 event will be held 11-13 June in Erwitte near Lippstadt, Germany, under the guiding theme “Crop production out of the box”. At this year’s machinery demonstrations, 77 different machine combinations are planned. This makes DLG-Feldtage 2024 Europe’s largest event for live machinery demonstrations. Visitors can look forward to a total of more than four hours of technical demonstrations over three days in the new “Live Arena” and on the three DLG courses. 

The machinery demonstrations at DLG Feldtage 2024, a field trade fair for crop professionals, will focus on the live demonstrations: “Weed control with row crop cultivators in cereals and maize”, “Shallow tillage – from flat cultivators to skim ploughs”, “Multi-tank seed drills for combined sowing of seeds and fertilizer”, “Innovative technology for chemical crop protection”, “High-tech mineral fertilizer spreaders” and “Technology for lifting, loading and filling in the field”.

Innovative technology for chemical crop protection 

Located in the Live Arena, the redesigned course for the field sprayers will present the challenges in the field allowing visitors to make cross-comparison of the machines: first on the bumpy track and then on the field track, which place extreme demands on boom stability and balance.

The working speed during the various working steps is measured and displayed to the visitors. The field sprayers in the headland area will be able to demonstrate the exact rate adjustment works using pulse width modulation (PWM).

The subsequent return journey on the track has been completely redesigned. The first section demonstrates belt application by the field sprayer. Precision is important, as the spray nozzles have to be guided as precisely and centrally as possible over the rows of plants. Spot spraying is presented in the final section. The machines performing this task have great potential for saving resources.

High-tech mineral fertilizer spreaders – focus on performance and precision

Fertilization in modern agriculture must be both powerful and precise. Modern high-tech mineral fertilizer spreaders are able to place the fertilizer precisely.

In practice, mineral fertilizers are usually distributed using throw spreaders. There is currently a noticeable trend towards pneumatic spreaders. Manufacturers are continually developing their spreaders in the direction of site-specific application, not least in order to be able to meet the increased requirements and future demands.

The demonstration of seven fertilizer spreaders shows what modern mineral fertilizer spreaders can already achieve today and the features that are offered to the farmer.

Technology for lifting, loading and filling in the field

Whether solid manure, compost or fertilizer lime need to be be loaded onto a spreader, the seed drill is to be filled with seed or heavy silage bales or lighter hay and straw bales need to be loaded – it is difficult to imagine this without suitable loading technology. For the second time at the DLG Feldtage 2024, manufacturers will have the opportunity to present their loading, lifting and filling technology as part of the commented machinery demonstrations.

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