DA30, a concentrate of innovation

Doosan Construction Equipment launched a new version of the 30 tons DA30 articulated dumper. The restyling mainly involved operator comfort and machine control accuracy. However, improvements also affect transmission and electrical systems. Last but not least, the chromatic choice has also been renewed to align the dump truck with other products in the Doosan Heavy range.

Self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension system

The most significant introduction concerns suspensions. Doosan, in fact, updated them using a self-leveling hydropneumatic system, thanks to which the performances have improved. The ability to absorb stress also benefitted from it, and the driving comfort improved. Especially when driving the empty dump truck. Another feature that contributes to improving operator comfort is the adoption, as a standard component, of the Grammer Actimo XXL seat. This features independent low-frequency air suspension and a wide scissor mechanism.

The cabin

Inside the cab of the DA30, the seat is not the only update that Doosan has made. The company has redesigned the cab itself to increase its ergonomics and comfort. The layout of the dashboard, completely new, presents a new display, and even the details, in general, look better, giving the cabin a look of high quality. The dashboard has also been made with a special soft-touch material that makes it easier to clean.

Always remaining in the cabin, Doosan has also implemented safety and performance with new functions. The control panel is more comfortable, with a switch off and a led light that shows the possibility of turning off the power switch. A new easy-to-use lever controls the steering retarder. Doosan updated also the braking system. It is more accurate and features an extra plug on the right side, a USB charger, and 12 V/24 V socket. Doosan has not even forgotten the glove compartment, making it more comfortable, and the mirrors now standard are electrically adjustable.

As for the outside of the cabin, there is a new full-length handrail. This means greater safety when traveling for cleaning work and for carrying out other activities outside the machine.

The joint and the free swinging rear tandem

The DA30 shares with all other Doosan articulated dump trucks the articulation joint positioned behind the turning ring. This ensures a more homogeneous distribution of the weights, even in case of maximum steering. Together with the free swinging rear tandem, the joint ensures uniform weight distribution on each wheel. It also guarantees contact and permanent 6-wheel drive, which translates into an even distribution of power even on difficult terrain. The combination of articulated joint, rear tandem and sloping rear frame allows customers to tackle rough and soft terrain while maintaining high-performance levels. All this without electronic aids such as traction control.

Engine and emissions

A 276 kW Scania DC9 diesel engine, which is regulated by Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission standards, moves the Doosan DA30. Scr and Egr are both present, while there is no Dpf. One of the four braking systems works as an electronic engine brake. The reduction in emissions also benefits from the ZF EP transmission, in addition to the engine characteristics. The renewed rear differential reduces engine speed and further increases the life of the machine. Overall, the kinematic chain upgrades help to reduce total costs per ton, making the truck one of the most affordable in the category.


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