Doosan Portable Power moves to Saudi Arabia

Doosan Portable Power has attracted, at Intermat 2018, a lot of attention from some really interested followers in Saudi Arabia. During the exposition that took place in Paris, it has, in fact, won an order for portable compressors. In particular, we are talking about the Doosan 9/235HA portable compressor. The commission was of 50 units, for a total value of the order of almost 2 million euros. Ejar, a rental business company based in Jeddah, a commercial port city on the Red Sea, purchased the compressors. Tamgo has played the intermediary role. It is specialized in power solutions, but also industrial and construction equipment. Moreover, it is the Authorized Dealer for Doosan compressors, lighting towers, and construction tools in Saudi Arabia.

A portable compressor built strong

The 9/235HA is a good solution for most of the applications that require compressed air. From construction, rental, utilities, and manufacturing to quarrying, water well drilling, sandblasting. It also meets the requirements of the oil and gas industry. Each of the 50 9/235HA portable compressors will be able to provide 23.4 cubic meters per minute of compressed air at a rated operating pressure of 8.6 bar. It features an oil capacity of 64 liters and a maximum discharge temperature of 120°C. Safety valve setting pressure is 13.8 bar, and automatic safety shutdown features are integrated.

The 9/235HA is oil cooled, and more generally it has been designed to ensure the unit performance. Service access is easy and quick, and it reduces maintenance time and life cycle operating cost. Doosan affirms it can guarantee durability and reliability in the harsh environment of the Middle East. “Coolbox” features a design that ensures that temperature remains stable. It never reaches more than 11°C above outside air temperature. Components life is the first to benefit. Doosan Portable Power solution enhanceis aso the environmental friendly features. A drip-proof base, contributing to minimizing the losses of fluids, helps to reduce external contamination.


Cummins heart

A fuel efficient Cummins engine powers the portable compressor. It is a Cummins 6C8.3, a Stage II, 194 kilowatts engine with a max engine speed of 2200 rpm.


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