The new KBD range of Baoli trucks equipped with Diesel engines – and specifically the models with loading capacity ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 kilos, the highest segment among the proposals of the Chinese manufacturer, for some years now part of the Kion group – are powered by Doosan D34 engines in their Stage V version.

Baoli KBD forklifts
Baoli KBD 100 forklift

Baoli trucks with diesel engines are conceived to be used mainly in outdoor environments and in loading and unloading operations of containers, ships or large trucks, for instance. A solution optimized indeed in terms of quality/price ratio that is able to provide power and efficiency as well as a suitable speed even for quite large work environments.


The beating heart of Baoli KBD trucks

The great novelty of the new series of Baoli Kbd 50-100 trucks lies in the beating heart, the engine. And, in particular, in the transition to Stage V. The choice of the Doosan D34 is explained by the search for a solution that might combine efficiency, compactness and power density of the engine with a ‘green’ configuration compliant with the latest emissions standards.

This has been made possible thanks to a common rail multi-injection system that allows the injections to be segmented, and thus achieve cleaner combustion. And then, thanks to an efficient after-treatment system consisting of a DOC for the oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon oxides, the particulate filter and SCR, the last frontier for NOx reduction. The presence of the SCR allowed Doosan to remove the EGR valve.

Baoli KBD forklifts
Baoli production site in China

Great adaptability to the chassis

The Doosan D34 delivers 85 kilowatts of power and has a displacement of 3.4 litres. Ease of installation and adaptability to the machine’s chassis have been taken into great consideration. All the more reason given the necessary presence of the after-treatment system (ATS): even with a product already engineered upstream by the supplier, a certain degree of freedom was granted in the process of adapting the ATS to the machine’s chassis.

Baoli KBD forklifts
Doosan D34 Stage V engine


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