Enteco Multipurpose. From Venice

Enteco multipurpose. Close to the Piave banks, the river that flows into Venice Lagoon, is established the new Enteco headquarters and facility. The company is part of the tradition of Italian drilling technology. In details, Enteco provides drilling rigs for large diameter piles, from 25 up to 200 ton operating weight, rigs equipped with Kelly Auger,  CFA, soil displacement, double rotary and soil mixing and pile driving equipment. In the other hand, the portfolio is enriched by large diameter DTH piles equipment.
Equipment for diaphragm walls, heavy duty crawler cranes from 18 to 200 ton lifting capacity, crawler drills for micro-piles and jet-grouting, equipment for tunnel consolidation, equipment for special foundation techniques.


Enteco and Caterpillar C18

All Enteco Multipurpose E9000, E7000, E6000 and E5000series machines share two elements. The engine by Caterpillar, from C13 to C18 engine, and the rapid changeover from one foundation technique to another.

As is identifiable by the ‘signature’, the top of the range 6-cylinder diesel engine is an 18.1-litre engine (Bore x Stroke: 145x183mm), turbo-charged aftercooled or series turbo-charged aftercooled, able to provide 571 kilowatts.

Sheet-Pile Vibrator

What does Sheet-pile vibrator mean, in few words? A vibrator support is mounted on the machine carriage to allow the vibrator to rotate.
The main features? Combining the movements of the arm to the variation of the working radius, the inclination of the mast on the two longitudinal and lateral axes and the rotation of the vibrator, you can reach even the most difficult pile driving positions (with the machine in a fixed and safe position).
The concentration on the two joysticks of all the main controls for handling of the vibrator allows the operator to work in complete safety with the maximum of productivity. All parameters are shown and recorded on the 12″ touch screen.
Reduction of costs and working time: the application of this technology on a multipurpose machine is This is extremely economical, while still offering very high pile driving productivity. The transition from a technology The other one is fast and can be executed directly on site.

On the Enteco top: E9000 series

The machine is set up for two pull-down system: cylinder or winch, to be chosen according to the drilling system requirements.
The extremely rigid structure of the rotary head has been calculated and tested to withstand the stress of the various types of drilling methods.
E9000 system (frame, Mast Support System, sliding mast) ensures best performance and stability.



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