Volvo Penta D5 is the smallest engine in the range. It is a four-cylinder engine with almost 130 kW power and 810 Nm torque, employed by Shaktiman Tejas harvesters that have to chop the tough sugarcane at ground level on a giant sugarcane plantation in rural Gujarat, a state on the Western coast of India. Quite a small engine, then, dealing with the toughest harvesting conditions.


«The most important thing with these machines is reliability and performance. The power delivery of this engine is incredibly strong, and we get great miles per litre of diesel. We also have quick access to parts and service when we need it. It is an excellent combination», said Kishor Nagese the harvester owner.

volvo penta d5

The need for higher farm mechanization

India is one of the top countries when it comes to agricultural production. Sugarcane is a prime example of this. India produces around 30 million tonnes of sugarcane a year. In addition to household sugar, sugarcane is used in the production of bioplastics, ethanol, molasses, paper, cattle feed, and even roof thatching.

The result of the harvesting in Maharashtra State helps both local productivity and quality of living. In a vast country with hugely polarised living standards, there are many challenges facing Indian farmers. Uncertain weather conditions, non-availability of labour, lack of adequate information and limited access to technology are just a few examples. There is a general lack of awareness among local farmers in this region about new concepts of farm mechanization. Thus, being able to offer them solutions that help productivity is very important to Shaktiman’s model for sustainable business success.


The reasons behind the choice of Volvo Penta D5

Vishwa Somannavar, Business Head – Cane Solutions, Sales & Marketing at Shaktiman, added: «There are several reasons why we rely on this engine. The service intervals are double that of other engines we have had in service, while the coolant replacement intervals are almost four times longer. It is a great match for one of our most important products».

volvo penta d5


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